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Our team competes in some of the biggest eSports events in the country. If you’re a skilled gamer who already competes in popular games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends, or you simply want to compete on a higher level, our Syncbak Streamers team might just be a perfect fit. We’re looking for a diverse group of local gamers to join our team. Team members will practice together in Syncbak’s arena and compete in online, local, regional and national tournaments.

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Syncbak Gamers

Recreational Players

Some gamers are just in it for the fun. On VUit’s eSports channel we are also streaming gamers of all ages enjoying playing their favorite games from all genres and decades. Choose a gamer below to view their bio.

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Would you like to try out for the Syncbak Streamers or have your recreational gaming streamed on our VUit channel? Submit your information below or contact us at