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Syncbak’s team and strategic partners are eager to share their expertise and passion for streaming with the community. Here you can find video, articles, downloads, and more to get you up-to-speed on the latest information in the world of OTT.

Leadership & Pioneers Video Series

Our founder & CEO, Jack Perry, sits down to answer some of your most pressing OTT questions, as well as, talks with some of the biggest brands in the world about how Syncbak helps them to be the OTT pioneers that they are.

Brian Burns, VP and COO of Morgan Murphy Media

The beginnings of TV on the Internet and the new "All Drones, All the Time" channel on the SBTV app

Mike Braun, Senior VP at Gray Television

Advertising supported OTT streaming

Michael Phil Cusumano of Zayo Group

Michael Phil Cusumano of Zayo Group talks dark fiber and connectivity

What is OTT?

Our founder & CEO, Jack Perry, sat down to answer what OTT means in his own words.


Syncbak's founder & CEO, Jack Perry, discussing why our direct-to-consumer OTT app, SBTV, is the smartest choice for stations to reach more viewers and make money.

Why Syncbak?

Syncbak's founder & CEO, Jack Perry, sits down to talk about why stations choose Syncbak.

Who Should Stream via OTT?

Syncbak founder & CEO, Jack Perry, discusses why everyone should be thinking about streaming via OTT.

Advanced Streaming Panel


OTT Links & Downloads

There is no shortage of information available around OTT. Yet many of us are still confused about what it is and how to take advantage of the opportunities around OTT. Check out these articles and downloads shared by our team of experts which provide valuable information and perspective on how broadcasters, viewers, content owners and advertisers can connect in the OTT space.