Watch Live, Local TV for Free with the New Streaming Service VUit

The following is an excerpt from Cord Cutters News
September 3, 2020

Syncbak announced this week the launch of VUit (pronounced “view it”), a new ad-supported streaming service offering access to live, local channels, along with national channels and on-demand content.

VUit launched with over 200 television station partners, owned by Gray Television, Meredith Corporation, Cowles Media Company, Heritage Broadcasting Group and Morgan Murphy Media.

“With VUit, we are turning the traditional network concept on its head.  Broadcast networks are built top down with the national feed as the core lens to the world. Meanwhile, VUit is grassroots up, enabling viewers to see what is happening in every community – and everyone has connections to other towns and cities,” said Syncbak CEO Jack Perry in a statement.

VUit says it expects to stream more than 3 million hours of live programming each year, including around 2,500 originals.

Syncbak previously launched SBTV, a proof-of-concept local news platform. The company said the pandemic showed how valuable free access to live, local news is to viewers, noting a bump in viewers returning to the service and an increase in time spent watching live streams. With the transition of SBTV to VUit, Syncbak and its partner stations have a goal of helping local television find a place in the streaming world, calling the service the “Netflix of live, local and free.”

VUit is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Visit to see the stations available in your area.

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