VUit to Stream eSport Themed Election Night

The following is an excerpt from NextTV
November 2, 2020

Special hosted by gamers, aimed at younger demographic

VUit, the streaming service featuring programming from hundreds of local TV stations, said it is planning to air a special that combines eSports stars with election night returns.

VUit eSports–Decision 2020 will start Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET and run all evening. It will be hosted by well-known gamers including Reaper, Geeb and Gamer Mom, and offer real time data and information from every state, non-biased commentary and behind the scenes activity.

Election night broadcasts–both national and local–tend to skew older and VUit said its programming is designed to be more fun for a younger demographic.

VUit said its eSports channel is no No. 2 on the OTT services curated channel lineup.

Launched by Syncbak and backed by Gray Television, VUit offers ad-supported streams from local stations and original programming. It expects to stream more than 3 million hours of live programming annually.

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