VUit Slots Esports-Themed Election Night Special

The following is an excerpt from TVNewsCheck
November 2, 2020

VUit, the ad-supported streaming service built in partnership with some of the world’s largest local TV station groups, will be presenting a special esports themed election night special on its popular VUit eSports channel, entitled VUit eSports — Decision 2020.

Starting Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. ET, and running all evening, the special will bring the flavor of esports broadcasting to election night with coverage aimed at data-driven viewers looking for unbiased delivery of the results. Hosted by Reaper, Geeb, Gamer Mom and other familiar faces from VUit eSports and Main Event Friday, VUit eSports — Decision 2020will offer real-time data and information from every state, non-biased commentary, and behind-the-scenes looks.

Network election results broadcasts are often targeted toward older and more political audiences; the VUit esports election special is designed to provide the gamer demographic with a fun, highly inventive and relatable way to watch the election night returns.

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