VUit OTT Service Launches ‘Battleground States’ Channel

The following is an excerpt from NextTV
October 5, 2020

VUit, the over-the-top service featuring 200 local stations including those owned by Gray Television, launched a new Battleground States channel featuring campaign news from swing states around the country.

The new channel features news content from TV stations carried by VUit, including coverage from states including Iowa, Colorado, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada.

“We’re in virtually all of the key states with the best on-the-ground reporting in our communities. Voters across the country will benefit from our front-line, political content that allows viewers to educate themselves on relevant issues. The ability for viewers to consume important local content happening elsewhere is at the core of what VUit is all about,” said Pat LaPlatney, co-CEO and president of Gray Television.

VUit early launched Politics Uncut, another channel devoted to election news.Advertisement

VUit is owned and managed by technology company Syncbak. Gray has made an investment in VUit and stations owned by other companies are participating in the service.

“In launching VUit, one of our key objectives was enabling viewers anywhere to connect with local towns and see what’s happening through the power of streaming,” said Syncbak CEO and founder Jack Perry. “We are at a watershed moment with the 2020 election, where just keeping up with the national news or your hometown news will not provide the viewer with the full picture. Our hope with the launch of Battleground States is that we fill in some of those blind spots.”

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