VUit Expands its Roster of Hyperlocal Programming with New Debuts from Partners Lilly Broadcasting, Gray Television, and Heritage Broadcasting

New York, NY
May 13, 2021

Semi-Pro Soccer Team Iowa Raptors FC Returns to VUit for Exciting Double Header Game on May 22nd

VUit, a free, ad-supported national streaming service aiming to be the “Netflix of Live, Local, and Free,” announced today the addition of exciting, new hyperlocal events in tandem with broadcast partners including Lilly Broadcasting, Heritage Broadcasting, and Gray Television.  In collaboration with Gray Television, VUit is bringing semi-pro soccer team Iowa Raptors FC to the platform where fans across the country will be able to tune into a double header on May 22nd featuring the Men’s Iowa Raptors taking on the Steel City FC at 4pm CT, followed by the Women’s Iowa Raptors challenging the Milwaukee Torrent at 6pm CT.  VUit’s streaming broadcast of the Raptors in 2020 attracted viewers from more than 50 DMAs. Meanwhile, working with Lilly Broadcasting, who owns local stations in Pennsylvania, New York, Washington D.C., Michigan and the Caribbean, VUit is set to debut Hurricane Ready 2021 on May 16th and Presque Isle Centennial Celebration, a celebration of 100 years of a state park in Pennsylvania, on May 28th. On Saturday, May 29th, Heritage Broadcasting will be bringing the highly anticipated 2021 Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge at Onaway Speedway back to VUit.  Finally, VUit is kicking off a Class of 2021 channel later this month featuring virtual graduations and celebrations from across the country so that friends and family will have an easy way to share their loved ones’ special moments even if they can’t be there in person.

Since its launch last year, VUit has found that the interest in hyperlocal news and programming continues to be on the rise.  For example, the service featured the Big Rig Challenge from Onaway Speedway in Michigan last September attracting viewers in 50 markets while high school football games played in Eastern Iowa attracted fans from 108 markets.  In March, VUit’s stream of the official start of Iditarod 2021 from Anchorage, Alaska, attracted viewers from 178 markets, representing 85% of the nation.  VUit carries more than 200 local TV channels along with a range of themed curated feature channels across politics, sports, food, business, entertainment and culture.  

Jack Perry, CEO and Founder of Syncbak, VUit’s parent company, said, “Viewers have a real appetite to have a better understanding of the news, events, and culture of their hometowns and the hometowns of friends and family.  We’ve seen viewers tune in from all across the country, and even internationally, to local happenings through our platform.  With the debut of these new programs and channels on VUit, we are making it easy for anyone to find local programming that piques their interest no matter the time of day or where they are.”

Among the new programming and channels launching this month on the service are:

  • Gray Television
    • Iowa Raptors FC.   Come see  Men’s Iowa Raptors take on Steel CIty FC in their second exhibition game of the season with kick-off being at 4pm CT and Women’s Iowa Raptors take on the Milwaukee Torrent at 6PM CT!
  • Heritage Broadcasting
    • Fourth Annual Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge from Onaway Speedway. Onaway Speedway will be holding the fourth edition of the Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge.  Coming back to the United States in 2021 is Quebec style Uphill side by side Semi Truck drag racing.  VUit’s 2020 streaming broadcast of the Big Rig Challenge attracted viewers from more than 50 DMAs.  The event kicks off at 11am ET.
  • Lilly Broadcasting
    • Hurricane Ready 2021. Launching May 16th.  Get the scoop on how they prepare for hurricane season in the Caribbean.
    • Presque Isle Centennial Celebration. Available as a live stream May 28th at 7pm ET and then on demand.  A celebration of 100 years of a unique state park in Erie, Pennsylvania that draws in thousands of tourists annually.
  • Class of 2021
    • With many graduates and their families still celebrating socially distanced, VUit has created a dedicated channel for virtual graduations and celebrations from across the country.  Scheduled so far on the service are four virtual high school graduations carried in tandem with KCRG-TV (Cedar Rapids, IA).  More events will be added in the coming days.

VUit is available on all major streaming platforms and devices, including mobile and desktop web, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, and more.