Syncbak’s SBTV Launches New Survivors and Heroes Channel

The following is an excerpt from The Streamable
April 14, 2020

While it’s important to keep up with all news regarding the coronavirus, Syncback’s SBTV is dedicating some time to the healthcare workers currently working overtime to front the pandemic. The streaming platform announced the launch of a new Survivors and Heroes channel, which “curates informational and heartwarming stories of individuals who are overcoming some of the biggest health challenges of their lives.”

The Survivors and Heroes channel launches weeks after the platform announced their new Covid-19 channel, which is dedicated solely to covering the virus. “Now more than ever people want to know what’s happening on the ground not only in their local communities, but also the local communities of friends and loved ones across the country,” Jack Perry, CEO of Syncbak stated at the time.

“Working with the local news broadcasters that are part of SBTV, the new channel will provide citizens with an inside look at what is happening in towns across the U.S., which they won’t get just watching their national news. The channel also lets us spotlight some of the great work of local reporters working hard on the ground.”

SBTV is a free streaming service backed by the likes of ViacomCBS, Grey Television and NAB, among others. The platform features content from more than 115 local broadcast stations across the country.

SBTV not only provides stations with national exposure for their reporting, but it also serves as a pipeline for additional advertising revenue. However, the Covid-19, as well as the Survivors and Heroes channel, are both running ad-free as both SBTV and the local stations understand the importance of delivering this information uninterrupted.

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