Syncbak’s Jack Perry on the Rise (and Importance) of Ad-Supported Streaming

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January 28, 2019

When we first spoke, Perry (pictured below) mentioned that he’d been thinking of the role a company like Syncbak could play since the Nineties, and that they’d always been substantially ahead of the industry — a necessity for capturing market share.  Cut to early 2019, when the industry caught on and Syncbak’s investment in the infrastructure that streams programming from stations to every platform is paying off.  In the past several months, Syncbak has nearly doubled the number of local broadcasters it serves and is now ingesting over 12 million hours of programming a year (a 20% increase over the same time period), delivering over 1,400 individual streams to vMVPDS (online programming distributors) like Fubo, Sony and Hulu.  They’ve also made key additions to their executive roster, including Vice President Advertising Sales, Dean Mandel, formerly with CoxReps and Katz Media Group, and Head of Product, Ron Stitt, an industry veteran of Disney/ABC and 21st Century Fox.

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