Syncbak Syncs With vMVPDs

New York, NY
April 30, 2018

As virtual multichannel video programming distributors continue to add subcribers and scale up, that trend has also been providing a lift to Syncbak, the broadcaster-backed company that’s focused on streaming live, in-market TV signals to internet connected devices.

Syncbak’s streaming platform, SimpleSync, is now powering 7.3 million hours of live TV programming on an annual basis, about triple the 2.5 million hours it was ingesting the year prior, according to Synback CEO and founder Jack Perry.

Perry estimated that Syncbak’s platform is now delivering about 600 channels. About 55 broadcast groups are on the SimpleSync platform. Syncbak’s customers include CBS All Access (CBS is one of Syncbak’s financial backers), as well as PlayStation Vue, fuboTV and Hulu (for its relatively new OTT-delivered live TV offering).

“Demand has been pretty high” for OTT-delivered live local TV channels, Perry said during a discussion at the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas. “The size of the task has been figured out.”

One company that has been particularly effective at simplifying and streamlining this riddle is Syncbak tries to reduce the cost and complexity with SimpleSync, a platform that ingests and prepares local over-the-air signals for digital delivery by the TV stations or by OTT TV distributors. And the cost is similar regardless of the size of the TV market.

Syncbak is also hosting what it calls the TechFronts, from May 14 to 16 in New York, held in tandem with the annual upfronts. Held at Syncbak’s offices there, the plan is to invite stations and station groups to learn more about SimpleSync, the company’s dynamic ad insertion technology, adSync, and other details about the cloud-driven syndication market.