Syncbak Opens Drop-In Live Streaming Studio in New York

New York, NY
June 11, 2019

Extending its commitment to showing content producers how easy it is to live-stream unique hyper-local content, Syncbak today announced the completion of its drop-in live studio in New York City. Syncbak is the world leader in live local broadcast streaming, enabling over 12 million hours of live local content on Sony Vue, Fubo, Hulu, CBS All Access and others.

Available to content producers that want to stream live from New York, the studio space will host SBTV’s first live-streamed podcasts hosted by comedian, actor and podcaster Michael Somerville, on Tuesday, June 11. “Greetings from Somerville”, a top-rated podcast on iTunes since its inception in December 2017, Somerville will interview bestselling author, venture capitalist and famed podcaster James Altucher at 1:30PM ET, followed by comedian Anthony Kapfer at 8PM ET.

“Michael Somerville is one of the most talented, insightful and visionary comedians of our time,” said Perry. “It didn’t surprise me one bit when he texted me and said he wanted to stream his podcasts live on SBTV. Plus, his experience acting on commercials from Royal Caribbean to Verizon FiOS give him a leg up in creating advertiser friendly content.”

Syncbak’s drop-in live studio offers independent producers all of the benefits of OTT without the headache of building out a system. For podcasters, the studio offers creators the ability to add three new elements to their repertoire – live-streaming, video and on-demand. For those producers who start building a following, Syncbak’s dynamic ad insertion technology, adSync takes care of the monetization.

“Syncbak’s drop-in studio makes it simple for me to reach my audience both live and over-the-top,” said Somerville. “I’m going to push the envelope and try new things. Heck, I might even ask random people off the street to join me in the studio,” added Somerville.

Tune into June 11th at 1:30PM and 8PM ET. If you can’t tune in live, the video podcasts will be available on-demand on SBTV and the audio version on popular podcast destinations like iTunes, Spreaker and SoundCloud.