Syncbak Network Operations Team Expands to State-of-the-Art Monitoring Center

Marion, Iowa
November 21, 2019

Around-the-clock critical support operated from the company’s Marion, Iowa headquarters.

Syncbak, the world leader in live local OTT powering over 12 million hours of live broadcast streaming annually for customers such as CBS All Access, Apple TV, Hulu, FuboTV, Amazon, the NFL and more, today firmed its commitment to customer experience and support with the expansion of its network operations division at the company’s headquarters in Marion, Iowa.  

Staffed by a team of expertly trained support engineers, Syncbak’s 24/7/365 critical care team monitors the real-time status of over 1,500 streams on Syncbak’s leading streaming platform, SimpleSync. These streams are being delivered to vMVPD destinations as well as to the company’s own direct-to-consumer OTT app, SBTV. With network health monitors at each workstation and a wall of monitors displaying live station streams and SBTV programming concurrently, the new monitoring center allows for faster identification and resolution of station and stream issues. Syncbak’s critical care team acts as the customer’s first line of defense,  often identifying client-side issues before the client is aware of them, helping to get programming restored to the end viewer as quickly as possible.

“Our network operations team has one of the most critical roles within our organization,” said Jack Perry, founder & CEO of Syncbak. “Our customers rely on us to provide a world-class streaming platform that delivers programming to their viewers without disruption. In the rare event there is an issue in stream delivery, our team jumps into action immediately. We are staffed around the clock every day of the year because our streams are mission-critical for our clients, so they are mission critical to us,” added Perry.