Syncbak Launches VUit, A New OTT Platform With Free Access to Content From 200 Local TV Stations

The following is an excerpt from The Streamable
September 1, 2020

Syncbak announced today that they have launched VUit (pronounced “view it”), a free, ad-supported national streaming service built with the intention of becoming the “Netflix of live, local and free,” programming.

VUit launched in partnership with some of the top local television station groups, including Gray Television (who is an investor), Meredith Corporation, Cowles Media Company, Heritage Broadcasting Group, and Morgan Murphy Media. The platform will house more than 200 television stations from their launch partners.

“With VUit, we are turning the traditional network concept on its head. Broadcast networks are built top down with the national feed as the core lens to the world. Meanwhile, VUit is grassroots up, enabling viewers to see what is happening in every community—and everyone has connections to other towns and cities,” stated Syncbak founder and CEO Jack Perry.

The service will go head-to-head with Sinclair-owned STIRR and their STIRR City channels, which brings live local content from their local affiliates.

VUit will offer station-specific channels as well as themed curated channels and plans on venturing into creating original content catered to local audiences, but with universal appeal. All the participating stations will also produce and stream at least 12 live events a year exclusively for VUit. Programming will range from sports, concerts, cultural events to news specials.

The platform is expected to churn out roughly 2500 “VUit Originals” and stream more than three million hours of live programming per year.

Back in March, Syncbak announced the launch of a new channel on their SBTV streaming platform dedicated to covering COVID-19. The channel, named after the virus, aggregates and curates news content from local TV broadcasters across the nation with content refreshed every hour, 24 hours a day.

In April, they followed that up with the launch of a new Survivors and Heroes channel, which “curates informational and heartwarming stories of individuals who are overcoming some of the biggest health challenges of their lives.”

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