Syncbak Extends Commitment to Local Beyond Broadcast Streaming to Upcoming Charity Event

Marion, IA
September 12, 2019

Syncbak, the leader in live local OTT powering more than 12 million hours of live broadcast streaming annually from local television stations across the nation, today announced its sponsorship of the local Heartland Heroes 24-hour Game-a-Thon. Proceeds from the event will support the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. In addition to its sponsorship donation, the company will participate in the event as it continues to grow its professional eSports team, the Syncbak Steamers, as well as its brand-safe, nationally syndicated SBTV eSports channel.

The 2019 Heartland Heroes 24-hour Game-a-Thon is a charity event combining the area’s interest in all things gaming with its passion for helping patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The cause already familiar to many football fans across the nation with the famous “Hawkeye Wave”, a tradition where fans attending Iowa games turn away from the field at the end of the first quarter to wave to the children watching from the windows of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital that overlooks Kinnick Stadium, Syncbak is a first-time supporter of this event. The community has a strong connection to the hospital and the families the hospital serves.

In a perfect partnership of interests, Syncbak’s professional eSports team, the Syncbak Streamers, will meet the public during the Game-a-Thon on Saturday, September 14th between noon and 3pm CT. Individuals in attendance can watch the team’s Apex Legends game-play on a large projector and have an opportunity to sit down and play with the team. The event offers an opportunity for the community to learn about Syncbak eSports while supporting a great cause.

“We’re stoked about participating in the Heartland Heroes Game-a-Thon this year,” said Jax Perry, captain of the Syncbak Streamers. “eSports are exploding and Syncbak is proud to be leading the way here in eastern Iowa. We’re excited to interact with fellow gamers, I hope everyone comes out to see us,” added Perry.

“We are passionate about local and all of the wonderful things happening in communities across the nation,” said Steve Maher, Chief Technology Officer at Syncbak. “The Eastern Iowa community has served Syncbak and our employees for over 10 years, we’re thrilled to give back. We’ve had immense interest in our eSports efforts, and we’re happy to show the community what we’ve been up to,” added Maher.

The event runs from 9am Saturday September 14th thru 9am Sunday September 15th at NewBo City Market located at 1100 3rd St SE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.