Syncbak and Mediaocean Simplify Purchase of OTT for Media Buyers

New York, NY
May 16, 2019

Syncbak, the world leader in live local OTT, today announced a partnership with Mediaocean, the foundational media operating system that powers the advertising world. The partnership gives traditional media buyers an exclusive opportunity to purchase live and on-demand local broadcast streaming inventory on the same platform they use to place traditional over-the-air linear buys. The move comes as advertisers look for opportunities to follow viewers who are cutting the cord, no longer accessible to brands via linear ad buys.

Syncbak streams over 12 million hours of live local content annually. The company’s proprietary DAI platform, adSync, powers live ad insertion for 100 million monthly impressions from live local and on-demand streams delivered to station apps and websites as well as to Syncbak’s direct-to-consumer OTT app, SBTV. Syncbak’s platform reaches viewers on desktop and mobile browsers, iOS, Andriod, Roku and Apple TV.

Mediaocean processes $150 billion in media budgets annually from brands and all major holding agencies and sellers around the globe. Partnering with Syncbak allows Mediaocean clients a means to purchase local OTT inventory without having to alter their current workflow.

“Syncbak is the industry leader in live local OTT,” said Cordie De Pascale, Senior Vice President of Connect and Lumina at Mediaocean. “A partnership with Syncbak means we can offer our clients a simple way to add live local and on-demand OTT inventory to their ad buys. Our clients are very strategic about how they spend their money and Syncbak offers the absolute best opportunity for them to reach live local viewers wherever they are, whenever they watch,” added De Pascale.

“I couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Mediaocean,” said Dean Mandel, VP of Revenue at Syncbak. “We want to make buying OTT inventory via SBTV as simple as possible so the buyers see the results our local station inventory can generate. Mediaocean makes this possible,” added Mandel.