SBTV Launches The Fly-Over Music Hour – 24/7 OTT Channel

Marion, IA
June 28, 2019

Syncbak, the world leader in live local broadcast OTT, today announced the launch of Fly-Over Music Hour, a lightly curated showcase of musical talent from the heart of America. Named after the area of the country often referred to as the “flyover states”, Fly-Over Music Hour features original music videos from twelve bands out of five Midwest states. Formatted for both always-on live and on-demand viewing, the programming is available for OTT licensing locally by stations carried on SBTV, Syncbak’s direct-to-consumer OTT app.

Syncbak is constantly innovating to maintain its position at the forefront of hyper-local live streaming. To demonstrate the ease of making hyper-local content available nationwide over-the-top via Syncbak, the company curated its newest original programming in-house, with the intent of giving stations the tools and the technology platform to build their own.

“It’s like the return of MTV, the way MTV used to be, with a sea of never-ending music videos,” said Syncbak founder & CEO, Jack Perry. “This content is exactly what SBTV was built for. Unique, entertaining, always-on, free ad-support content that brings viewers, broadcasters and advertisers closer together over OTT.”

“Having my music carried on SBTV and available to a nationwide audience is an amazing opportunity,” said Dick Prall of the band Dickie who are featured in The Fly-Over Music Hour. “Highlighting local talent is creative and unique and is something viewers can’t find on other platforms. I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” added Prall.

Watch Fly-Over Music Hour on or via the SBTV app available for iOS and Android mobile devices, Apple TV and Roku.