Morgan Murphy Media Launches First-Ever 24/7 Drone Channel for OTT

New York, NY
April 24, 2019

Syncbak, the world’s leader in live local OTT, today announced the launch of the industry’s first-ever, always-on drone channel for OTT by legendary broadcasting group and long-time Syncbak customer Morgan Murphy Media. Unveiled this month at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, the programming is available to viewers nationwide on Syncbak’s direct-to-consumer OTT platform, SBTV.

A weekly feature produced by the station group’s Spokane-based affiliate KXLY, Air 4 Adventures tells the story of local attractions, extreme sports and nature reserves in Spokane with footage from the station’s drone, a perspective that can’t be viewed anywhere else. Syncbak makes it easy for KXLY to offer this programming nationwide on SBTV by automatically ingesting and formatting the content into a custom, 24/7 ad-supported channel.

Morgan Murphy affiliates already stream local news programming on SBTV in each of their station markets. With the popularity of the Spokane market’s drone segments, the station group immediately reached out to Syncbak to create a live, nationwide channel for the content. “Taking our drone footage OTT in a live, always-on channel required no additional time or effort on the part of our station,” said Brian Burns, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Murphy Media. “Syncbak made it effortless. More featured content from our stations will be available on SBTV very soon,” added Burns.

“We are helping broadcasters reach viewers around the nation the way viewers want the content the most, which is streaming live wherever they are, whenever they want to watch,” said Jack Perry, founder & CEO of Syncbak. “Every station group should be working with us the way Morgan Murphy is,” added Perry.