Local TV news is now the most important source for what is going on with COVID 19 and getting back to business in The Bay Area.

The following is an excerpt from NewsTalk Florida
May 18, 2020

Never before has local television news more important than now as states around the country start the phase one opening as we all continue to battle the COVID 19 virus. As more and more local newspapers are closing down or at the very least running on short staffing, the void of information is being filled by local TV news and their importance to the communities they serve has never been more vital.

Jack Perry is the CEO of Syncbak, the folks behind SBTV a free streaming service that brings local news from all over the country to your phone, tablet, connected device or computer so you can stay current on all of the happenings in your local area.

“We have a COVID 19 channel and of course right now that is the most important story in the minds of viewers,” said Perry. “As we here in the United States slowly get back to business it will be our local TV stations who guide us through this new normal.” Perry continued “News has a much more trusted voice in the communities they serve.

You know since the anchors and reporters live these communities they interact with the audience in their neighborhoods as well as around town, so it is only natural viewers trust what they say to be true

Another trend in the television business is more local programming on a number of different topics. Perry pointed out that rather than buying costly syndicated reruns of sitcoms stations are producing all types of local content like cooking shows, home improvement shows and even more local sports.

On a local basis WTVT FOX 13, WTSP CBS 10, WFLA NBC 8, WFTS ABC 28 and WWSB ABC 7 in the Sarasota market. All of those stations offer streaming of their newscasts

These options are very helpful to those who are either “cord cutters,” or cord nevers.” All of the local stations news can be accessed on all streaming platforms including connected TV’s via Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire to name a few.

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