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Syncbak Inc. is a privately held media technology company that was started in 2009 by founder & CEO, Jack Perry. On a mission to personalize television, the company started with one station in one market twelve years ago and grew to be the number one live broadcast streaming company in the world that we are today. Our space is called OTT, short for entertainment “over-the-top” of the Internet. We take local over-the-air broadcast streams and deliver them to popular streaming destinations like CBS All Access, Hulu, Amazon, fuboTV, NFL and many others. Our technology reaches 99 percent of the US population across 209 markets, representing more than 400 stations and all major networks including CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and the CW.

New York Office

1032 6th Avenue #403
New York, NY 10018


1 Research Ctr
Marion, IA 52302

Jack Perry

Founder & CEO

  • Founded Syncbak in March of 2009
  • Inducted into the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers
  • Nominated for an Academy Award (for Best Industry Leadership)
  • Elected to the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Holds twenty-four patents related to the delivery of content over-the-air, over-satellite and over-the-Internet
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Company Milestones

March 2009

Founded by Jack Perry

February 2010

Syncbak raises capital from initial investors, including the NAB and CEA

August 2012

Syncbak is awarded the first 8 patents for technology that authenticates Internet delivery of OTA broadcast television; market trials begin in earnest across the US.

April 2013

Syncbak receives strategic partnership/investment from CBS; market installs increase to include 55 major broadcast group owners

May 2013

Nielsen integration completed making the Syncbak platform the first measurable OTT system

October 2014

Launch of CBS All Access with CBS owned stations and framework for launching all CBS affiliates.

April 2016

Syncbak receives investments from Gray Television and Morgan Murphy

October 2016

Gray Television launches with new Syncbak services

November 2016

Sony Playstation Vue launches with live streams powered by Syncbak

May 2017

Hulu launches with live streams powered by Syncbak

August 2017

fuboTV launches with live streams powered by Syncbak

May 2018

Direct-to-consumer play SBTV is launched, including first-ever straight to OTT broadcast

September 2018

AdSync DAI technology launches, avails ~50 million and growing monthly

January 2019

SBTV's MarketSync content marketplace launches; Gray Television's newly-acquired Raycom stations on-board to SBTV

February 2019

Syncbak outgrows corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, IA; plans for rapid expansion with purchase of new corporate office in Marion, IA.

March 2019

Syncbak sets up new world headquarters at 1 Research Center in Marion, Iowa.

April 2019

Syncbak live streams first-ever straight-to-OTT concert nationwide on SBTV from NAB in Las Vegas; Morgan Murphy Media launches first-ever 24/7 drone channel for OTT on SBTV

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